Benjamin harrisons presidency in the united states

Four years later, he lost the election. He was more successful with foreign policy. When Harrison moved to his new room house in Indianapolis in the s, he was a prosperous lawyer. The house was his permanent home until his death in

Benjamin harrisons presidency in the united states

His paternal ancestors were the Harrison family of Virginiawhose immigrant ancestor, Benjamin Harrison I, arrived in Jamestown, Virginiacirca The future President Benjamin Harrison was a grandson of U.

Benjamin harrisons presidency in the united states

John Scott Harrison, a two-term U. He was also a member of Delta Chia law fraternity which permitted dual membership. At Miami, Harrison was strongly influenced by history and political economy professor Robert Hamilton Bishop. After Wallace, his law partner, was elected as county clerk inHarrison established a new firm with William Fishback that was named Fishback and Harrison.

Harrison told the governor, "If I can be of any service, I will go". Harrison recruited throughout northern Indiana to raise a regiment. Morton offered him the command, but Harrison declined, as he had no military experience.

He was initially commissioned as a captain and company commander on July 22, Governor Morton commissioned Harrison as a colonel on August 7,and the newly formed 70th Indiana was mustered into Federal service on August 12, InHarrison and his regiment joined William T.

The position was unsalaried and not a politically powerful one, but it did provide Harrison with a steady income for his work preparing and publishing court opinions, which he sold to the legal profession.

Grant appointed Harrison to represent the federal government in a civil suit filed by Lambdin P. Milliganwhose controversial wartime conviction for treason in led to the landmark U.

Supreme Court case known as Ex parte Milligan.

Early life and career

Circuit Court for Indiana at Indianapolis, where it evolved into Milligan v. He initially confined his political activities to speaking on behalf of other Republican candidates, a task for which he received high praises from his colleagues.

Former governor Oliver Morton favored his opponent, Thomas M. Browneand Harrison lost his bid for statewide office. He was ultimately defeated in a plurality by James D.

Williamslosing by 5, votes out of a totalcast, [51] but Harrison was able to build on his new prominence in state politics. When the Great Railroad Strike of reached Indianapolis, he gathered a citizen militia to make a show of support for owners and management, [23] [52] and helped to mediate an agreement between the workers and management and to prevent the strike from widening.

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Garfield won the nomination. United States Senator[ edit ] Walter Q. He gave speeches in favor of Garfield in Indiana and New York, further raising his profile in the party.

Senate was threatened by Judge Walter Q. Greshamhis intra-party rival, but Harrison was ultimately chosen.

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Senate Committee on Territories 48th and 49th Congresses. Democrats wished to reduce the tariff and limit the amount of money the government took in; Republicans instead wished to spend the money on internal improvements and pensions for Civil War veterans.

Blainethe eventual nominee. His efforts to further the admission of new western states were stymied by Democrats, who feared that the new states would elect Republicans to Congress.Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, in North Bend, Ohio. He grew up on a acre farm given to his father by his grandfather, William Henry Harrison who would become the ninth president.

Harrison had tutors at home and then attended a small local school. Benjamin Harrison Biography Take a more in depth look at the twenty-third president of the United States through this biography. You'll learn about his childhood, family, early career, and the .

Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president of the United States and grandson of William Henry Harrison, the ninth president, ran against Democrat Grover Cleveland twice. In , he conducted a successful “front porch” campaign from his home in Indianapolis, losing in the popular vote, but winning in the.

William Henry Harrison, an American military officer and politician, was the ninth President of the United States (), the oldest President to be elected at the time. Watch video · Benjamin Harrison was the last Civil War general to serve as president of the United States.

He stood five feet six inches tall, and was called "Little Ben" by his Democratic opponents. Presidency of the United States of America, chief executive office of the United States. In contrast to many countries with parliamentary forms of government, where the office of president, or head of state, is mainly ceremonial, in the United States the president is vested with great authority and is arguably.

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