Development of an online crime management system ocms

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Development of an online crime management system ocms

The aim of this project was to develop an online crime reporting and management system which was easily accessible to the public all over the Kiambu County, the police department and the administrative department in Kiambu. The normal public in Kiambu County and generally in Kenya is afraid to lodge a complaint or even report a crime to the police stations because they are filled with fear of the harassment by the police department.

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Like the title suggests the software will provide facility for reporting crimes, making complaints, report missing persons, show most wanted person details, show lost and found persons and properties, report theft, manage reported crimes among other things.

The project specifically looks into the crime detection and prevention. The registered user module provides the client with the facility for reporting crimes, missing persons, view most wanted persons, making complaints etc.

The Crime Management and Reporting System make the crime reporting easier. This project will be useful for the Police Department.

Development of an online crime management system ocms

The home page provides the login capability for both the registered users and administrators. Only the Administrators in-charge of different Police Stations will be able to login to their home pages.

The citizen could only report crimes and missing persons and property while enjoying the facilities being provided to the unregistered citizen.

This has enabled the police stations in developed countries to provide improved service delivery to its citizens as well as improved interaction with its citizens. The resulting benefits have been increased transparency, cost reduction among other benefits.

However, ICT has not yet been fully utilized by the police departments in developing nations including our country thus resulting to poor service delivery to the public. This has seen its citizens indulging in lots of businesses in order to earn a living.

Sometimes the officials end up harassing the citizens reporting the crimes and if there is a way to report crimes without having to go to police stations then this problem could be avoided.

In spite of the development of Information Technology in Kenya, little study has been done to analyze the problems affecting the performance of the Police department in Kenya.

New York Police Department also have an online system that allows public to report crimes. I have borrowed some functionalities ideas in NYPD such as displaying of most wanted persons which have been well captured http: As computers became more prevalent in American society, the next natural advancement in communication was through the internet.

Private businesses not only advertise their products online they also complete internet sales to customers buying from their home. As this trend continues it shows that people are becoming more comfortable with using web based programs.

According to a study done by Cartwright, there are several benefits to employing the online citizen police reporting system. Chief is the reduction in time and resources spent on responding to and writing reports. The end Result is maintaining the same level of service to an increasing population for the same money or a decreasing budget Cartwright, In this research 16 Law Enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada, each serving a population of at leastfull time residents were identified.

All the agencies have employed the online crime reporting program for at least one calendar year These agencies were surveyed to determine the success of the program from both the satisfaction of their citizens as well as the agencies offering the program.

This has been so for the past few years to many other countries in Africa that have been recording a considerable development in the ICT infrastructure allowing them to use internet almost in every sector including security sector.

According to a study Bohan,an online crime reporting system is a prime example of a modern day technology designed to make the world a superior place to live. There is no denying we live in the age of technology. To turn our backs on the worldly innovations of mankind is an injustice to the public for whom we law enforcement are sworn to serve and protect!

Technology is the ticket to the future, and those standing without a ticket must be prepared to survive in a world where computers will one day control everything from our televisions to our toothbrushes.Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd.

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CRIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) Swathi Sharma1, Ramya Naik2 1,2Department of MCA, NMAMIT, Nitte, Udupi Abstract The “Crime Management System” is a web based application for online complaining and computerized management of crime records. . It consolidates the theory, upcoming technologies and development tools for the development of two software projects—Outstation Claim Management System (OCMS) and Retirement Benefit Calculation System .

Event Management System project is developed as a web-based application developed in PHP programming language. It facilitates online registration cum feedback evaluation for different kinds of events such as games, a workshops, and the seminars. ONLINE CRIME REPORTING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ONLINE (Size: MB / Downloads: ) ABSTRACT: The aim of this project was to develop an online crime reporting and management system which was easily accessible to the public all over the Kiambu County, the police department and the administrative department in Kiambu.

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