Four square writing activities

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Four square writing activities

Four Square Writing Writing Introduction Upon diving into my student teaching experience, I was perhaps most excited about teaching writing.

four square writing activities

I had heard rumors that writing is one of the most difficult areas for students, particularly first grade students, to develop and become comfortable with. I wanted to give my students the opportunity to explore writing in a way that was enjoyable. I wanted them to be creative in their writing, but also to learn and use the organizational tools that they would need in first grade writing and beyond.

It was much to my surprise that there was no designated writing curriculum for my students in my particular district and grade-level.

Main Idea and Details

While this was exciting due to the freedom that I was given, it was also daunting, as it forced me to make important decisions about how and what my students would write.

It can be applied to narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive forms of writing. Students learn prewriting and organizational skills using a graphic organizer consisting of four outside squares.

This visual and kinesthetic aid helps students focus their writing, provide details, and enhance word choice. Writing through the use of a graphic organizer also empowers students to write with more confidence, as they become familiar and comfortable with the writing process.

four square writing activities

This is a sample of a Four Square Organizer that I used for a writing lesson. The topic or topic sentence goes into the center of the organizer, while three supporting ideas or sentences go into three of the outside squares. Finally, a wrap-up sentence concludes the final box of the organizer.

Goals and Objectives As loosely stated above, my own personal goals and objectives for my students in writing include: Students will be given the opportunity to explore writing that is enjoyable. Students will be creative in their writing.

Students will learn and use organizational writing tools and skills. In addition, it was important for me to connect my personal goals and objectives with those mandated by the state of Washington.

The student writes clearly and effectively. To meet this standard, the student will: The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.

The student understands and uses the steps of the writing process. The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of written work. When I began teaching, the students had been familiarized with Four Square Writing and were comfortable with the basic notion that the topic or topic sentence goes into the center of the organizer, while four supporting ideas and details went into the surrounding squares.

I was able to take this previous knowledge and expand their knowledge of Four Square Writing. I created and taught lessons with the following titles:This is a writing template used with a program called four square writing. I use this with 1st graders but it can be great for students of all ages.

It is great for teaching sequence of events and parts of a story. The four-square writing method is useful in teaching writing skills, as well as in the deconstruction of writing.

Students begin by placing a topic sentence in the center square. Four Square Writing Method, by Judith S. Gould and Evan Jay Gould, Teaching and Learning Company, Carthage, IL 2 This basic 3-sentence introductory paragraph, although adequate for a very young, a beginning, a limited.

Guidelines Four square instruction should be done weekly Four square instruction should be done weekly to bito It should be accompanied by other writing It should be accompanied by other writing activities.

Ex. 4 Square Writing.


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