Latest electoral projections

Additionally, as Steven Taylor notes his two posts this morning, there have been some wild fluctuations in the state-level polling and Electoral College projections by Nate Silver and other predictors. The Trump states are the ones you might suspect. Suffice it to say that if either candidate ends up losing any of the states on the map above on Tuesday night, then their path to would become orders of magnitude more difficult. Clinton has led here in virtually every poll since before Labor Day.

Latest electoral projections

Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump, for his part, has been losing ground in poll and electoral college numbers since his pathetic excuse of a showing at the first of three debates to be held ahead of Election Day. In the hours following the debate, he took to Twitter in an effort to defend his past public shaming of a former Miss Universe, a shaming which was brought up by Clinton in the first debate.

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Then, the Friday before the second debate, a audio tape was leaked which featured the presidential candidate bragging about committing sexual assault.

No matter how loud Trump or his surrogates yell, at the second debate or otherwise, nobody can erase that he made those disturbing and effectively criminal comments. Below is the map which illustrates the projections of the WaPo model.

Darker colors correspond to more certain projections. Although the FiveThirtyEight electoral college model does not allow for states to be rated as a tossup, what is effectively the same outcome is predicted, with electoral votes going to Donald Trump and to Hillary Clinton.Nov 05,  · Ultimately, it’s best to think of this Slate-VoteCastr collaboration as a real-time Election Day experiment.

The VoteCastr projections are based on . Nov 07,  · Early voting is nearly over.

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More people have voted early in the election, million than in the election in its entirely, which saw million. There are several states with. Share Electoral College map make your election result predictions tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email The Electoral College is one of the more bizarre quirks of the US presidential race.

Last month, FairVote released its projections for the November U.S.

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House elections that will take place nearly two years from now. If every current incumbent (excluding the five members of the th Congress who have already vacated their seats) were to seek re-election, we can confidently project that at least of them, Republicans and Democrats would win.

The fact that the electoral vote in will be almost the same as does not mean American politics has not changed.

Latest electoral projections

The Electoral College conceals the conflict raging in America today. Trump, meanwhile, is at electoral votes, down from last week. And we have 94 electoral votes in the Tossup column.

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