Mbs4 chapter 1 solutions

What is one main characteristic of the data link layer? It converts a stream of data bits into a predefined code. It shields the upper layer protocol from being aware of the physical medium to be used in the communication.

Mbs4 chapter 1 solutions

Mbs4 chapter 1 solutions

What impression do you gain of the city of Mildendo-- the metropolis? Give a detailed description of it as given in this chapter.

No doubt, the city was made with a great planning and in such away that it could provide ease and safety to the people visiting it. The city was an exact square, having two great streets, which run across and divide it into four quarters. The two great streets were five fts wide.


The lanes and alleys were from 12 to 18 inches wide. And the capacity of the metropolis of holding people was thousands. The emperor's palace was in the centre of the city.

The houses of the metropolis were from 3 to 5 stories and the shops and markets were well provided with everything that the souls need.

The strife between the high -heels and low-heels - though it appears to be so trivial, is serious enough to cause grave animosity between the two. What is your reaction to it? Throw light on it in your own words. Yes, the strife between the high -heels and low -heels, appears to be trivial, but serious enough to cause grave animosity between the two factions.

It all started with the grandfather of the current emperor, who cut his finger on an eggshell when he was kid.

The emperor's great grandfather thinks that the reason his son cut his finger was because he broke his egg on its rounded, big end rather than the little, pointed end. Even though up until this moment, everyone had always cracked their eggs on the big end, the current emperor's great grandfather decrees that, from now on, everyone will have to crack their eggs on the little end -- for safety's shake.

This new law created two factions in the country one who used to break an egg from bigrounded end was known as Big-endians and other who used to break an egg from small and pointed side was come to be known as little - endians.

The high heels were fan of Lilliput constitutions but were against of the new law. So the emperor will only staff his government with representatives of low heels who were little endians. The people were so against this new egg- cracking law that they keep rebelling against the emperor.

These uprisings get funding from Blefuscu, which is a country of Big- Endians. So the clash between Lilliput and Blefuscu was natural. What impression do you gain from the fact that the people of Lilliput have never head of any other kingdoms apart from Lilliput and Blefuscu?

They don't believe that more people of Gulliver's size and bulk inhabit the earth. Explain it in your own words. Though Lilliputians were excellent in mathematics and engineering but here, their limitations are seen. Being small creature they even did not try to think that creature such as Gulliver inhabit the earth.

They think that the Gulliver has probably fallen from the moon. Such thoughts of Lilliputians shows they are not adventurous and think travelling too far will lead to our death. What was Gulliver's experience in Lilliput? It was an accident due to which Gulliver reached the island of Lilliput.

When he got his senses in the territory of Lilliput he found himself tied with rope. After that he was taken to the metropolis with the help of a special vehicle made for him.

Seeing the people of 6 inches was an unbelievable experience for him. In a very short span of time he became favourite of Lilliputians. The king and high officials made many visits to him. Watching adventurous games performed by Lilliputian made him thrilled.Animal Farm Questions And Answers Chapter Animal Farm Required Vocab - Chaps.

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