My favourite place is mount abu

Click to Learn More Dew covered and refreshing The monsoons are another sight to behold on this beautiful hill station. The torrential rains give rise to streams and waterfalls overnight. The lakes and dams overflow and the hillsides get covered in green velvet.

My favourite place is mount abu

Week-end at Mount Abu The weekend had started well The hour day train journey with BabySamourai had proved less tiring than expected, and we had even arrived half an hour early! Since this is rare with Indian trains, we were not prepared, and since in most trains, there is no announcement, we almost miss the stop!

Finding a taxi to climb from Abu Road to Mount Abu had been very smooth, even at 9 pm. And after a minute ride, we were at the hotel! This is where the disenchantment began The price of the room did not suggest the lack of a functional shower or clean sheets the guy had to come back three times to bring us a decent duvet cover.

Given the place I fully agreed when my favorite Indian decided to lock the door for the night. Although this did not prevent a guy from barging into our room at two in the morning!

It was a drunk neighbor who had been fighting outside with his wife very loudly for more than an hour When you have spent more than euros per night, you have imagined a peaceful haven.

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Landing in a shabby hotel is quite a shock! Especially when you learn that breakfast is not included, even though you remember very clearly having selected the option with breakfast.

And then this story with Gujaratis The locals accept it, the cash inflow compensating the inconvenience And then, according to our local guide, as they do not see many tourists at home, as soon as they spot some at Mt Abu, they are more interested in the Caucasian passer-by than by the monuments.

Which would explain all the requests of selfie I got After this beautiful day just a tad suffocating because of the crowds, back in our sordid hotel, we decided that the two remaining train tickets available for the next day instead of our tickets booked but not yet confirmed for the next to next day were a sign of fate, and we shortened our stay!

Mount Abu Tourism

But we still had a whole day to occupy Here, you will find tranquillity, solitude, wild flowers and birdlife in abundance — as well as the odd snake, leopard or bear. And so, it is wearing ballerinas and ignoring the age of my son 3I went on a 4 hour trek.

And it was fantastic! A complete reconciliation with the region… If I was to do it again and who knows? Mount Abu was apparently the holiday gateway of all the kings of the region Rajasthan and Gujarat and each king had his own property, leaving behind a total of some 50 heritage places. I did not quite understand if they were coming all at the same time, like full summer party, or if in turns.

I would avoid a long festival weekend, Diwali and the summer too packedand the winter too cold. And I would only go trekking!Top Places to Visit in Monsoon in India.

Updated: you will realize why it is said to be the favorite monsoon place in Kerala. Commonly known as the “Niagra of India”, Athirapally Falls is the most popular attraction of the area and it looks striking during monsoon.

My favourite place is mount abu

Mount Abu is a round-the year place but it is eye-catching to watch. Lake Paradise. Mount Abu, Mount Abu, Rajasthan Phone: () - , Hotel Hilltone is one of the oldest hotel located in Mount Abu.

It is a perfect getaway for an exemplary family vacation.

Rajasthan Budget Tours Come here for the view.

Situated just at the brink of the town, it is an ideal location for relaxation as well as for work. The Hotel is conveniently located at a short walking distance from the famous Nakki Lake which is the main tourist attraction.

The much discussed Mount Abu definitely deserves a visit at least once in life. It is the sole hill station in the Aravalli Range of Rajasthan bordering the state of Gujarat.

My favourite place is mount abu

With northerly icy winds sweeping the entire Rajasthan, Mount Abu, sole hill station, was the coldest place with a minimum temperature of degrees Celsius, a .

Mount Abu is a true holiday destination if you are seeking a little family time and also visit the great Hindu and Jain temples.

The ancient Arbuda Devi Temple and Shri Raghunathji Temple which was carved out of a solid rock are also on the must visit list here/5(30).

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