Sci100 syllabus

At least three must be courses in Political Science. The three required introductory courses must be taken for quality grades. Students must obtain the prior consent of the program director and the instructor, as well as submit the College Reading and Research Course Form that is available from their College adviser. Honors in the Major Students who do exceptionally well in their course work and who write an outstanding BA Thesis are recommended for honors in the major.

Sci100 syllabus

Critical Thinking and Computer Science Prerequisite: Overview of the field of computer science with an emphasis on critical thinking skills. Problem-solving strategies, algorithm design, and data abstraction.

Introduction to hardware, theoretical limitations of computers, and issues arising from the growing role of computers in society. Fall, Spring GE Area: Computer and Applications An introduction to the computer: Overview of the components of computer systems; discussion on software systems, electronic mail, influence of computers on society and the future of computing; extensive hands-on experience with application tools and programming.

Introduction to the Internet Topics include email, web browsers, searching, evaluation of web resources, HTML, web-page design, encryption, basic network communication.

Special emphasis on the underlying technologies.

Sci100 syllabus

Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Prerequisites: Introduction to problem solving, algorithm development, procedural and data abstraction; program design, coding, debugging, testing and documentation; a high-level programming language.

Introduction to Data Structures Prerequisite: Programming methodology, program correctness. Review of data types. Implementation of data structures. Foundations of Computer Science Prerequisites: CSCI 40 may be taken concurrently. Abstraction, iteration, induction, recursion, complexity of programs, data models, and logic.

Introduction to Computational Science Prerequisites: Foundation and Breadth Area B. Fundamental concepts of computational science, computational modeling, computer simulations, and scientific applications.

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Topics include system-dynamics models, cellular-automaton simulations, computational and modeling tools, scientific visualization, high-performance computing. Computational Foundations for Bioinformatics Prerequisites: Computational approaches to problems in molecular biology. Algorithms, heuristics, strings, graphs.

Sequence comparison, mulitple alignment.Course Summary Earth Science Earth Science has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities.

SCI Professionalism and Communication in Science (8) This subject will provide foundation level professional skills for students studying a diverse range of science disciplines including: agricultural and environmental sciences, nursing, allied health and medical/clinical sciences or physical sciences.

Terms offered: Spring , Fall , Spring The freshman seminar in earth and planetary science is designed to provide new students with an opportunity to explore a topic in geology or earth sciences with a faculty member in a small seminar setting.

Topics will vary from semester to semester but will include such possible topics as great. Step 6 must be completed before your changes are saved.

Call () if you encounter any problems. Use of fundamental principles to solve quantitative problems. Motion, forces, conservation principles, structure of matter. Applications to mechanical systems. Online science courses offered as prerequisites for nursing by Marian's Adult Programs (MAP), including a chemistry and biology lab.

Online science courses offered as prerequisites for nursing by Marian's Adult Programs (MAP), including a chemistry and biology lab. Call Us at .

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