The effects of stress among female

Please enter a valid email address Submit We respect your privacy. According to a study published in January in JAMA Internal Medicinean estimated 60 to 80 percent of primary care visits are for stress-related issues. Lower your stress by finding time for both exercise and relaxation each day. And our bodies respond in the same unfortunate fashion, with hypertension, strokes, and ulcers.

The effects of stress among female

The purpose of this literature review paper is to describe the components of academic stress, as well as to identify the effect of stress on male and female students.

Stress is considered as a positive or negative experience among the students. It can dominate the academic process and the privacy of the students.

The result of this study is shows the difference between the level of stress of male and female students. The importance of academic stress can be conducted in this study. This is because of the difference effects of stress on students based on several The effects of stress among female.

Masoumeh Pourrajab Pourrajab et al. Outside forces impinge on the individual would be regarded as stress Shaikh, et al. Stress is a natural event that all of people experiences in their life.

Disruptions in physiological and psychological health are often led by high level of stress Lo, Experience stress is normal for students, because they study in high competitive world and they must adjust their academy life in this situation. The major concerns among the students summarizes in these issues Mundt, The students have the destructive and constructive approaches and coping strategies Shaikh, et al.

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School has always been considered as a highly stressful situation for students. There are some reasons for stress among students like as exam, assignments, and financial problem. Students encounter with some physical, emotional, social, as well as family problems. Other problems such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems interpersonal conflict, and lower academic performance are some outcome of stress Yusoff, et al.

Research of the knowledge and view of stress along gender lines is a fascinating worthily because, there is great disparity in the stress of female and male, which is illustrated in this study.

Therefore, this study tries to show some attitude about the difference effect of stress on male and female students. InRichlin-Klonsky and Hoe stated physically and mentally reactions of daily requests which are often linked with changes are called stress p.

The effects of stress among female

Gibbons, Dempster, and Moutray maintain that this phenomenon can be the outcome of moderately arousal resulting which leads to mentality or physicality problems.

Selye claimed that, stress is undoubtedly an important personal human problem. The uncomplicated stress is how our mind and body deal with the demands that we place on it. As mentioned before, the usual event that is not removed from the daily life is stress.

Many of these phenomenons potentially happen in the life. However, there are different levels of stresses that can be classified them into stressful or intensive stress and minimal stress which can affect on the people Mazumdar, et al. Shaikh with his colleagues showed that stress composes different stressors which may reason of make worse decision, reduced attention, decrease of self-esteem, raised anxiety and depression.

Responses to stress effects the mind, body, and behaviour along those we live, work and cooperate Mazumdar, et al. In stressful situations, people seek the ways to reduce it, because they cannot tolerate the persistence of the tension.

The extra stress traces its signs often on everything. It is vital to learn how to recognize when our stress is not controllable. Stress cannot be simply taken out from our lives; however we should try to minimize it, and the easily shift of stress inside people is considered as the major peril in this phenomenon.

Management of Stress We cannot control life stress, but we can manage the effect of it in us. Concentrating on the positive is one of the ways to reduce stress that offers profound results that problems we are facing are easier to solve with a more output approach Mazumdar, et al.

Other ways are be realistic, make plan to divide larger tasks to small parts and working through one by one. The main important factor in the management of stress is the degree of willingness of people to create the needed changes for a healthy lifestyle Shaikh, et al.

Having high self- esteem creates obstacles to improve, so the negative consequences such as lack of recognition about themselves to accept their weakness rather than those who have low self-esteem that depends on their personalities and tyrannical Lo, Another definition of self-esteem by Rosenbergreverence themselves and they have accepted that are perfect and competent, it means they consider themselves superior not inferior than others.

In fact it is how we manage those results in positive or negative outcomes.

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All people need a certain amount of stress to task efficiently, too much or too little stress is not helpful and not productive. Too amount of this can lead to boredom and depression, too much can make anxiety and poor health. But the right amount of acute stress tunes up the brain and improves performance and health.

Some amounts of stress are good to push people just to the level of optimal alertness, behavioural and cognitive performance DNA, It is generally an emotional imbalance which may be due to several reasons such as exams, assignments, papers and projects, competitive nature in field of study, financial problems, worried about future job prospects.

Students are often deal with pressures related to earn good marks and to get a degree is very high.Biological differences between men and women, like hormones, explain part of it. These are examples of sex differences. But social factors between men and women (gender differences) may play a bigger role.

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For instance, women, in general, experience more stress than men, and research has shown that social stress is a main cause of .

Different Effects of Stress on Male and Female Students as well as to identify the effect of stress on male and female students. This paper was to investigate the sources of stress among. The Effects of Stress Among Female Registered Nurses Words | 18 Pages stressors and coping strategies, and delineates a variety of stress management activities that could prove helpful for contending with stressors in the workplace.

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Feb 06,  · Scroll through the list below for 10 physiological and cognitive effects of stress on women's health. job-related stress. Strokes are also more . The Physical Side of Stress. with stress-reducing effects.

Other popular stress-busters include yoga, meditation, and tai chi. Everyday Health is among the federally registered trademarks.

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