The power of hips

I also believe that many beginner golfers totally misunderstand what the hips are doing when they move in the golf swing. I am a member of a number of online golf discussion forums and the topic of "how best to start the downswing with a hip move" frequently comes up for discussion. Some golfers, participating in the discussion forum, recommend that one should initiate the downswing lower body move with a right hip rotation movement a hip squaring movement where one rotates the right hip forward in the direction of the ball-target line.

The power of hips

What Is Responsible For Explosive Power On The Field?

But what about the hips? Do they follow the same rule? The short answer is, no. The hips should be square to the target line at setup, but when the club returns to the ball they should be open.

To illustrate, if you place a club across the hips at impact, the club should point left of the target for a right-handed golfer.

If the hips do not rotate to an open position, your shots will lack power and accuracy. Golfers whose hips remain square, closed pointed right or not open enough are typically guilty of not rotating the hips properly on the backswingletting the arms and shoulders control the downswing, or sliding the hips toward the target rather than rotating them on the downswing.

If your hips are restricted through the downswing, the first thing to do is flare The power of hips left foot slightly toward the target at address. This will free the left hip to turn through the shot.

Next, as you complete the backswing and start back down, imagine your hips rotating so that your belt buckle points left of the target at impact, and continues moving as you come to a full, flowing finish.

It takes practice to get the hips, upper body and arms working together.

The power of the hips - Marta Montenegro

But once you achieve this, your shots will fly much farther and straighter. The hips drive the lower body forward through its rotation toward the target and provide the power for the upper body to build on and rip the club through the hitting area.

Most amateur golfers struggle to get the best possible use from their hips during the swing, and the outcome is shots that fly much shorter than they should.

Using your hips properly is one of the most effective ways to gain power in your swing. Naturally, it is important to understand how to your hips in the swing, and when.

The hips role in the golf swing is fairly simple, as long as you follow some basic rules. Once you do manage to discover the proper hip action in golf, the results can be stunning. Many golfers feel like they are actually swinging slower than before, yet the ball is going significantly farther.

It might take you some practice time to learn the hips role in the golf swing, but it is something so powerful that you will be happy you put in the work. Longer drives and better ball striking could be waiting once you get this equation just right.

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When people talk about starting golf swing with the hips, they are really talking about initiating the downswing with hip rotation toward the target. In fact, you want your hips to remain relatively quiet during the early part of the swing while you move the club back into position.

Then, starting golf swing with the hips from the top of your backswing down into the ball will give you the best chance to develop power efficiently.

The order of your mechanics is very important, and there will be more information on that below. The nice thing about working on your golf hip action is that this lesson applies to all of the clubs in your bag well, other than the putter.

You want to use the lower body in just the same way when you are hitting a wedge as when you are hitting a driver off the tee. The best golfers are usually the ones who can control their swings largely with the lower body and allow their upper body to pretty much hang on for the ride.

This might be drastically different than how you swing the club currently, however, so plenty of repetitions on the practice tee will likely be needed to make serious changes. Before going on, please note that the instructions below are based on a right handed golfer. Those of you that play golf left handed should be sure to reverse the directions as needed.

The address position that you use is important for a variety of reasons, but getting your hips in the right place is near the top of that list. Your hips should be level with each other, and most importantly, they should be parallel to your target line.

Golf Swing Tip: Clear the Hips for Power, Accuracy

To check on the position of your hips at address, try this simple drill. On the driving range, take your stance like you normally would with any of the clubs in your bag.

Once you have set up like you are going to hit a shot, pick your club up and hold it across your waist right at your belt line. Get it lined up with your hips so that the shaft of the club is a visual representation of the angle at which your hips are set.

Are you parallel to the intended target line?

The power of hips

It should be pretty easy to see how you are doing when you use this drill.Cable. Lying Hip External Rotation; Seated Hip External Rotation; Hip External Rotators are also involved in Cable Push Pull (push side).

See following exercises for Piriformis and Obturator Externus. Hitting Mechanics Breakdown at fps Hitters Power Swing “If a hitter starts swing properly with their hips, it will set them up for more success throughout the entire swing”. The internet’s largest collection of golf specific drills and exercises.

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