The us national debt essay

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The us national debt essay

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The us national debt essay

We are constantly looking for talented, prolific and bright freelance writers to help us build a universal educational resource for college and graduate students. Contact us with your writing samples. United States Debt Crisis The United States has been in a debt crisis for many years, and they are hardly able to see an end to the debt.

This is a problem because as residents and taxpayers are continuously putting money into the government, the government is spending money at an incredible rate. The debt crisis is causing issues for the government, as the US residents are beginning to hold the government more accountable for its spending.

However, the US government does not even have a spending cap, so they can continue to spend money and go into more debt wherever they see fit.

This is a bad situation because the government claims to be in control of all of their finances, and yet they are billions of dollars in debt. There is no real way that the government will be able to pay back these debts if they just continue spending the same amount year after year without making significant changes.

The United States has been in debt for many years, and the American public is starting to become concerned with the amount of money that the United States government has been spending.

The government spends large amounts of money on its military and weapons, and continues to fight wars in other countries that have gone on for years and are not necessarily making enough progress to satisfy the American public.

Therefore, the United States government has been criticized for its level of spending, particularly because they are not necessarily seeing the outright benefits to the spending.

It has been suggested by many that if the government feels it is appropriate and necessary to spend that large amount of money on warfare and military, then why do they not spend more money on important things inside the country such as education and tax breaks.

The government likely has some inside information and ulterior motives as to its spending choices.

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When considering where the United States government is spending their money, many people are upset and alarmed with the amount of money being used to fund the military and their activities. There are many other programs within the United States that could really use a portion of that funding to improve their programs.

The US Department of Education would do well in receiving even a small portion of the money that is used on defense and military. This is one of the reasons why the US debt crisis is causing such controversy.Watch video · A high debt load will limit our flexibility to keep the economy on an even course.

“Countries with high debt don’t respond aggressively to downturns,” says Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff. On 24 Sept , the total amount of US National Debt stands at $ trillion or $9,,,, It is forecast to rise to $trillion by end of next year.

Essay on Overdraft: United States Public Debt and National Debt this film. This film is taking a look at the national debt of the United States and its ability to borrow and comparing it to an “overdraft” of a bank account.

Us National Debt Essay Words | 16 Pages The U.S. National Debt The national debt is the total amount of money the United States Treasury Department has borrowed and currently owes to the federal government's creditors (Sylla).

US National Debt Essay

-Thomas Jefferson, The United States National Debt has now passed trillion dollars. This is more than $29, for every person in the United States. Since federal law limits the total amount of debt the Treasury can assume, Congress has raised the debt ceiling to $9 trillion dollars/5(8).

Impact of Us National Debt (Essay Sample) Instructions: Research the impact of the national debt with regards to taxes and interest rates and how it may affect their investment portfolio, taxes, and potential future livelihood.

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