Thesis on the history of jazz

Sample Essay The swing era is considered to be one of the most significant parts of Jazz history. Ella Fitzgerald was born on the 25th of April in in Newport News Virginia and is known for her jazz singing of swing, ballads and bebop McCurdy. As a child, Ella Fitzgerald would derive inspiration from the moves of the likes of the great Snake Hips Tucker.

Thesis on the history of jazz

The text that follows, originally entitled "50 Years of Jazz at North Texas", was written by David Joyner for the 50th anniversary of the program, which was celebrated in The additions by John Murphy are intended to bring the text up to date and to prepare for our 70th anniversary in To find out why that date is notread on.

A Short History by Dr. David Joyner, with additions by John Murphy commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first college jazz degree InM. Hall, a North Texas graduate music student, was asked to teach dance band arranging to two students.

Wilfred Bain, dean of the School of Music, asked Hall to write his master's thesis on a proposed curriculum for a dance band major. That thesis became the basis for the UNT jazz degree curriculum.

Hall left the school in after receiving his master of music degree, but returned in at the request of the newly-named music dean, Walter H. Hodgson, to institute a degree program in dance band.

The program included formation of the Two O'Clock Lab Band, the first performing dance band ensemble for which students were permitted to receive credit hours. As the jazz program grew, additional laboratory bands were needed to accommodate the numbers of students desiring to enroll.

The bands were named for the hours at which they met, and, in the early years, the premier band was the Two O'Clock Lab Band. Begin addition by John Murphy on While many sources continue to cite as the year our program began, it began in the fall of Alumnus William Thomsonwho played trumpet in the early bands and went on to a distinguished academic career that included serving as Dean of the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, wrote the following in an email to John Murphy on Feb.

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Your site continues the old fable that the Lab Band began in I was in the first Lab Band. It began in the Fall ofwith Charles Meeks as director. Charles was a grad student in composition at NT.

Gene Hall couldn't leave his job in Fort Worth to do the job except on the weekends, so he didn't become a full time faculty member, and thus take over direction of the Lab Band, until That is why this untrue date of inception has continued for so many years.

In case you wish to check out my data, look at the NT Yearbook of Published in the Spring, it shows a photo of the Lab Band that started its rehearsals in the Fall of '46, with Meeks in front. I'm in the trumpet section. Click the image for a larger version.

In an email to Steve Wiest on Dec. It is my long-term understanding that the jazz program had been approved before I returned to campus after a hitch in the Navy in That's why I went back. I had an audition with the Jimmy Dorsey band in Dallas and turned down a job with the band as 2nd trpt player and arranger to go back to NT, where my future bride was in school.

I never regretted the decision! I imagine only a check of records from the State College Board could prove decisively that the "program" began at a certain time.

I had no doubts that the program had been approved, that my comrades in the band were majoring in jazz, and this was before Gene came on board. I know; you had never before heard of Danceland! You will find a photo therein of the first NT Lab Band. This group could not be in the Spring yearbook if it had not begun operations in the fall semester of Gene Hall couldn't come to campus except on Saturdays in '46, so young Charles Meeks was hired to "front" the band.

Gene moved to Denton the following year and took over the reins of the ensemble. In those days we met at 5pm every day of the week in a recital hall of the old Music Building. Did you ever hear the story of how Dean Bain got the program started? He insisted on it because, as he said, "There are more jobs in dance bands these days this was or 46 than in symphony orchestras.

Several members of the Board were taken aback; they were devout Southern Baptists.

Thesis on the history of jazz

William Thomson had contacted the College of Music with this information as early as his letter dated April 28, The history of North Omaha, Nebraska includes wildcat banks, ethnic enclaves, The African-American community culture in North Omaha developed a musical legacy of blues and jazz through the s.

M.A. Thesis, University of Nebraska at Omaha. (n.d) History of North High School. The History Of Jazz Music Media Essay. Kierra Montgomery. Music Appreciation Jack Ray. February 21, Taking its rhythmic roots all the way to the shores of West Africa, Jazz music has had a great influence on the music we listen to today.

Jazz music was created by African Americans and is considered to be the only original ‘American’ art form. A paper in music theory or history could be an example of an analytical paper. An expository (explanatory) paper explains something to the audience.

A paper in music education could be an example of an expository paper explaining a particular pedagogical approach to music, for example. - Jazz is consider one of the most influential types of music an America History.

Some of the greatest artist in the world have contribute to the success jazz have had not only on America History but throughout the world. This paper will explain the history of jazz, where it all came from and the effect it has had on the America Culture.

Art History Paper Thesis Example In addition the first four example history art paper thesis years to complete their designs that are not suggesting that those involved in . The History Of Jazz The first jazz was played in the early 20th century. The work chants and folk music of black Americans are among the sources of jazz, which reflects the rhythms and expressions of West African song.

Ragtime, an Afro-American music that first appeared in the s, was composed for the piano, and each rag is a composition.

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