Tissue paper collage on canvas

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Tissue paper collage on canvas

Not a great painting, but it was fun to do and I will probably try another one. Fabriano Artistico 90 lb. Wet into wet underpainting using the three primary colors, placing a glow toward the center of the paper.

Use stronger tones than you normally would because they will be lightened by the tissue paper overlay. Pour on a thin layer of the glue and spread it with a plastic card or old brush to cover the paper completely.

Crinkle up the tissue paper sheet in a ball, open it up and carefully lay it on your paper. It is VERY fragile at this stage. Smooth it out to remove any air bubbles you want the wrinkles for texture. You can use a breyer or a rolling pin or a bottle with smooth sides.

If you tear it strong possibilitymake a patch and glue it on. This takes a while, be patient. Paint whatever sections you will use for a collage at the end on a second sheet of watercolor paper.

When dry, cut them out and set aside. Draw your picture on top of the tissue paper with a pencil. If you need to erase, use a kneaded eraser to gently lift the line out.

Paint your picture with your watercolors. They will flow into the lines created by the tissue paper to add interest and texture to your painting. Glue on the collage parts. Step back and enjoy. One thing I learned doing this is that it is probably a good move to have a reference photo in mind right from the start so you will know where to place your glow in your underwash.

Here is my finished collage: A Walk in the Evening Woods For some reason, my merged image is fuzzier than the individual parts see below. The left side image shows the collaged leaves from a bush. The right side shows the collaged trunk of the large tree.Dear Elaine, I just finished reading your piece on encaustic painting and collage.

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This Tissue Paper Square Collage art project came about when I was thinking of fun and unexpected ways to use tissue paper. It was a favorite craft for my kids and I hope it will be for you as well.

It was a favorite craft for my kids and I hope it will be for you as well. Make something really special with the range of designer paper available at Officeworks.

Buy now using our fast and easy ordering service. Flower Inspired Tissue Paper Collage. Celebrate spring by creating your own flower garden tissue paper collage.

Tissue paper collage on canvas

Step 1: Tear the tissue paper into pieces and lay on the canvas. Cover the tissue paper with glue. Encourage your child to cover the entire canvas by overlapping shapes. Let dry completely.

Collage on Canvas