Tour operator disintermediation advantages disadvantages

Editor The state of the economy is a common concern for Americans. Smaller businesses falling on hard times have become a daily topic for conversation. The prospect of starting a local business has become more daunting than in recent years. Restaurants can present a particular dilemma, as they require immense amounts of money and time before profit comes into play.

Tour operator disintermediation advantages disadvantages

Advantages of Independent Travel By: Martin Thompson There is a changing tide in the travel industry. Traditionally massive package holiday companies have block booked villas, hotels, flights, tours and coach transfers from and to the airport.

Every detail of ones holiday was catered for by the tour operator. Two weeks in July with bacon and eggs by the pool. The situation is however changing and the trend is towards independent travel. The independent traveler is on the scene and with the arrival and growth of the internet individuals no longer need accept a tin sardine holiday.

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Low cost airlines have made it possible for individuals to make huge savings on flights especially by booking mid week and at least two weeks in advance. There has been more and more one way tickets purchased.

The modern traveler wants more flexibility and will often extend or shorten their trips depending on how much they are enjoying themselves. The reliance on packaged holidays has caused severe pressures on the infrastructure and environment of holiday hot spots like the Algarve and Majorca, Spain.

Their ability to monopolise the accommodation market and dictate pricing has not only created ghost towns that are virtually deserted for most of the year, it has also conned thousands of people with misleading real estate opportunities and created a housing bubble and surplus as well as unnecessarily spoiling miles of coastline.

Taking an independent holiday and renting holiday villas directly from the owner of the property has major advantages over the package holiday trap.

There are fewer middle men taking their hefty commissions for renting the villa, apartment or hotel room to you.

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Often these savings are passed on meaning your holiday can be cheaper. You get to choose exactly which property you are renting. Rather than rely on massive companies often poor investigation and selection procedures you can personally speak with the owner of a rental property and satisfy yourself that the arangement is of superior value and high standard.

You have more freedom to roam, to stay in more than one rental property or to travel around and discover rural hotels and get off the beaten path. The trend towards independent travel has colossal benefits for the environment and local economies.

Instead of profits being siphoned off into the already inflated bank accounts of mammoth corporations, small businesses and the local economy get a bigger slice of the pie.

The season is extended as independent travelers take advantage of lower prices and less competition in the shoulder and low seasons.

Independent holiday makers travel further afield and to more diverse locations off the beaten path. Instead of large concentrations of people arriving in a single location in July or August the independent traveler will venture elsewhere reducing the environmental footprint and helping the economies of more rural economies.

In the traditional package holiday situation tradition and culture were at best artificial spectacles such as a flamenco night in Tenerife and at worst local people have felt exploited and tourists unwelcome. The mammoth companies keep sending the tourists and in locations such as Majorca where the package still rules restaurant proprietors needn't worry about reputation or providing value for money because tomorrow a new load of pale faced tourists will be arriving.

With independent travel one is free. Free to choose, free to move, free to travel onwards, to follow ones intuition, to enjoy and interact with the local people, to see the real culture and to travel in a more environmentally sustainable way that benefits the local people and their economy.Jun 29,  · The Advantages & Disadvantages of Billboards As an Advertisement Tool Advantages & Limitations of Television as an Advertising Medium Advantages & Disadvantages .

To some extent, this is no different to the traditional direct-sell tour operator eliminating the need for travel agency agreements and selling direct to the consumer (Cooper et al., , Page et al., ); the advantages and disadvantages of such trading have been discussed by Laws () and a plethora of brands encapsulate the concept.

Three Different Methods of Booking Tour Reservations. There are a number of ways you can do it, with advantages and disadvantages to each. Lets look at the different methods to see the pros and cons of each possibility.

Probably the simplest method is simply saying ‘yes’ to a tour operator who may come calling on you with a mouth.

Tour operator disintermediation advantages disadvantages

Lashley and Rowson () suggest that recent IT developments, offer new opportunities for tour operators. For instance, several tour operators distribute electronic brochures and booking forms through the Internet directly to consumers.

This approach provides a number of important benefits to tour operators. Apr 29,  · Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism in the Bahamas. list and explain three advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the bahamas. Choose two disadvantages and explain how they may become advantages.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of tourism.1 advantage is that The tourism industry can create many different jobs. And that can. One of the main advantages for suppliers is that tour operators have a good market access, well known brands and that the financial risk can be passed on, at least partially.

It is the advantage of the tour operator, and of the consumer, that by the bargaining power of tour .

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