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Batch processing The earliest computers were extremely expensive devices, and very slow in comparison to later models. Machines were typically dedicated to a particular set of tasks and operated by control panels, the operator manually entering small programs via switches in order to load and run a series of programs. These programs might take hours, or even weeks, to run.

Uts thesis repository

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Deposit means to self-archive your work in an institutional or subject repository, also known as Green OA. Its purpose is to maximise online accessibility to your research, therefore increasing its use and impact. Institutional Repositories are digital collections of research outputs from a university showcase the research of an institution help to ensure that research is widely disseminated and searchable on the web include the UTS institutional repository Subject Repositories are also known as central or discipline repositories include research outputs from a range of institutions in a subject or discipline area ensure research is widely disseminated and searchable on the web include Social Science Research Network SSRN and PubMed Central Deposit your research outputs in OPUSthe UTS institutional repository, to comply with the UTS Open Access Policy and maximise the impact of your work.

Depositing your research in OPUS has many benefits in ensuring the widest possible readership for your research, as well as increasing its impact. It showcases the research of UTS staff and postgraduate students to a global audience.

Uts thesis repository

For you, as a researcher, OPUS increases the visibility and accessibility of your research by making it openly available regardless of where you choose to publish.

Items in OPUS are enhanced with high quality metadata and seeded to search engines such as Google Scholar as well as being linked to your UTS research profile, increasing discoverability and opportunities for citation of your work and collaboration.

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In addition, works in OPUS are preserved for long-term access and discovery. Providing Open Access to your research outputs through OPUS not only ensures you comply with these important policies, but increases opportunities for other researchers to cite and build upon your work.

It also stores digital theses and forms of scholarship that do not usually see formal publication. How can you deposit works in OPUS? When you claim or enter your research in Symplectic Elementssimply upload a copy of your work which can be made openly available.

Uts thesis repository

Symplectic provides information on which version of your work to upload. If you are unsure, please supply a copy of the Accepted Manuscript version.Add Content. Group User View Publication Person Organisation Collection Concept Page View BigQuery.

Close. UTS research theses, Doctoral or Masters by Research. The thesis must be the final draft version officially approved by the University and must include all corrections. We have compiled a list of addiitional sources here. If you can't find the source you are trying to reference within this list or anywhere else within our referencing guide, .

Portal for open access research theses. DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. The DART-Europe partners help to provide researchers with a single European Portal for the discovery of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs).

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