Writing about your own artwork

Artists Slide Registers And Directories Also See Our Blog Our blog has regular new content to help professional artists with all aspects of business and their practice: You need to talk about what you do and why you do it.

Writing about your own artwork

They can be so much more if only we let them be. You might think, I speak through my art, so why do I have to write about it? So, consider your artist statement a welcoming guide to your work.

And use the language in the rest of your marketing materials. Use these 5 tips to write a compelling artist statement that will help win you more opportunities: Tell a Story Instead of a Mission Your artist statement is your chance to tell your own unique story and share your world.

Tell your viewer why you create your art and what inspires you. Share what your art means to you and what is special about your creative process. The story of your art is much more welcoming than a mission statement. It allows the viewer to get to know you.

You can go more in depth if viewers ask. Write in the first person and tell people why you are original. With the rise of technology like the iPad, you can share your words via video.

Use Engaging and Specific Language Your art is fantastic. Write about your art in the way it deserves. Step out of your comfort zone and truly speak from your heart. Say why your art gives you thrills. And consider using action verbs to take your statement up a notch.

And use language that anyone interested in your art will be able to understand. Keep it conversational and welcoming.

Why Do I need to Write About My Work?

Your statement speaks for your art when you are not there to. You want just enough to guide the viewer and provide a framework for your art.

writing about your own artwork

It will help a viewer become a buyer. Ask For Second Opinions Before sharing your artist statement with the public, have friends give you feedback. Ask them if it makes sense.Create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry made from handwriting or artwork from someone special in your life.

Just send us a scan or photo of the artwork, handwriting, or signature and our artists will take the image and meticulously etch it onto your jewelry. WARNING!! This is an Adult Site Only!

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